T5W- Home Sweet Home

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February 3: Home Sweet Home
When reading, do you ever pause and say to yourself, “I want to live there”? I know I do at times! For this week’s Top 5 Wednesday, what are your top five bookish settings that you would like to move to? Worlds outside of our own are preferred, but if you want to say that New York sounds like home sweet home, go ahead! Credit to Laura for the idea behind this prompt!

For those of you who don’t know what T5W is, it is a blog post topic prompt in a group called Top 5 Wednesday on goodreads. Each Wednesday there is a new prompt and you talk about your top 5 of that topic.

Ok, so I know this topic was for the 3rd of February, but I couldn’t resist not writing this one.


This may be a fairly obvious or popular answer, but I have always dreamt of going to Hogwarts. Stroling down to Hagrid’s hut and walking with him and Fang into the Forbidden Forest. Climbing the moving stairs to the astronomy Tower at night. Oh and the library? A giant magical library? With a restricted section? Yes please! Then of course the dungeons and the potions lab would be next. I may be a Hufflepuff but who wouldn’t want a potions lesson from the Head of Slytherin? Diagon Alley would be next. I would love to peek into all the windows and peruse all the magical shelves. Harry Potter Boxed Set: The Complete Collection (Adult Paperback): Contains: Philosopher’s Stone / Chamber of Secrets / Prisoner of Azkaban / Goblet … Phoenix / Half-Blood Prince / Deathly Hollows

The Shire

The Shire is probably another obvious one but who wouldn’t want to visit here. To walk through all the rolling hills. Looking at all the different doors to all the hobbit holes (does anyone else love looking at front doors? No? just me?). To be at a hobbit party, eating all that amazing food. To watch Merry and Pippin get up to hilarious hijinks and to watch Gandalf’s explosive fireworks display. The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings Boxed Set

Redwall Abbey

Old castles and churches buildings fascinate me. So to be able to wander around Redwall, looking at tapestries, talking to the mice and other animals. To be able to taste honey cakes and the other yummy sounding treats. Although, I would prefer to visit when they are not being invaded by rats, no thank you. Redwall

The Old Kingdom

The Old Kingdom. To cross the wall from Ancelstierre. To travel to the Abhorsen’s house and eat food while hanging out with the sarcastic Mogget. Maybe visit the Clayr in the glacier, except I don’t think I’d like to travel in a paperwing though.Old Kingdom Trilogy Box Set


Ok, there seems to be a common theme for me and visiting these places for the food. But I have always wanted to try a cake or mishroom that makes you as small as a mouse. To go to a tea party with the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter. However, I’m sure she’s lovely and all but I’ll skip the visit to the Queen of Heart’s, thanks. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Penguin Classics S.)

What about you? Where would you love to visit and why? Is it for the food like me?

Well that’s all from me today. Don’t forget to, Read You Fools 😉


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